Tuesday, 6 December 2016

The Wrong Trousers

In the 80s, we wore comfortable trousers that fitted. Those were the days! But now it's 2016.

About 15 years ago, trousers became "hipsters" again, as in the 70s.

Ever since then, I've been waiting for trouser waist bands to return to the waist. They have slowly crept northwards, but manufacturers seem baffled by this "waist" concept. Most trousers and jeans now have a "waist" below the navel (which is where your waist is, in case you've forgetten). They frequently have no belt loops, and no way of stopping them descending slowly.

Here's a woman with a waist. It's that narrow bit in the middle.

And that's where a trouser waistband should be. I can find high-waisted trousers with skinny legs, torn knees, or flares. Or that are made in sizes 6-16 (I am an 18). Or with inside legs between 25" and 29" (my inside leg is 32").

Sometimes manufacturers just add a bit onto the top of low-waisted trousers:

Too often the "high waist" is nowhere near the waist. Not mine, anyway (I am 5ft 7.5in).

All I want is trousers with straight legs, a waistband, belt-loops, and a waist ON the waist. Not somewhere in the vicinity. Not hovering near the hip. On the waist. I fear that "mom jeans" are thought to be frumpy, or else catalogue companies have a lot of old stock to get rid of. But if you go to trendy Dalston or Broadway Market, you will see girls all dressed in proper Mom jeans (see top picture). Moms want mom jeans! And we want them now!


  1. Yes. Yes exactly. Low waistbands are the end.

  2. Ha ha, I'm with you! I go into shops and ask specifically for trousers that come up to my waist! NOT my hips, my waist. I find M&CO are the best shop for "proper" trousers :)